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is in chatham where folks are trying to get ready. cape cod residents are making preparations to ride out the storm as a weakened earl churns toward eastern massachusetts. corey and his father spent the day boarding up his shop in chatham. >> living in new england the weather is unpredictable. i'm hoping it will pass with high winds and not much damage were what with earl losing steam they did not order evacuations but they want residents on nantucket, martha's vineyard and the cape to take precautions. >> encourage folks to hunker down, stay safe in your home or hotel wherever you are staying. >> reporter: chris has in qualms about facing earl with his daughter. >> i'm just worried i won't sleep tonight. that's all. >> reporter: because of the wind. >> because of the wind and rain. >> reporter: the brunt of earl is expected to arrive after dark. forecasters expect high surf, rip currents and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun off the coast. heavy downpours caused flooding on the outer banks and thousands locke lost electricity but no
of a storm called earl. i'm randall pinkston in chatham, massachusetts. i will have that story. >>> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we started out with fog and low clouds. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon but we could have the heat up by labor day. we will talk about that coming up. ,, 3q copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or
who reports in chatham, where people in low-lying areas are being urged to evacuate. >> reporter: cape cod residents are making final preparations to ride out the storm, as a weakened earl churns toward massachusetts. cory edwards and has father spent the day boarding up the shop in shatam. -- chatham. >> living in new england. i am hoping it is not much damage. >> reporter: they did not order evacuations. but they want residents in nantucket, martha's vineyard and the coast to stay cautious. >> i would urge you to hunker down wherever you're staying. >> reporter: chris has no qualms about facing earl with his daughter. >> i'm not going to sleep tonight. >> because of the wind? >> yeah. because of the wind and the rain. >> reporter: the brunt of earl is expected to arrive here after dark. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. >> reporter: earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina, as it spun up the coast. heavy downpours caused flooding on the outer banks. and thousands lost electricity. but no jurisdiction are reported. forecasters dropped some warnings and watches for new jersey and
. that's the good news. here again in chatham we have the strongest wind gusts around -- yeah, 37 miles per hour. that is just below tropical storm force winds. i have a hand held wind meter in my hand. the last couple minutes or, so winds disgusting around 22, 23 miles per hour. and we're expecting that throughout the day. but as you see overhead, nothing but blue sky. people are returning to the beaches here as well. we picked up a couple inches of rain across the cape and the islands as well. roughly two to five inches of rain. generally two to three. but in terms of the wind gust, as earl passed by, weakened down to a tropical storm. so nantucket island, 54 to 58 mile-per-hour wind gusts, that's the strongest as earl passed. martha's vineyard, 44 mile-per-hour wind gusts. so that definitely caused some minor damage. overall, nothing worse than, say, a typical strong nor'easter that would come through during the winter time. got news is most people took this hurricane/tropical storm seriously and they prepared. they took boats out of the harbor. they took the lawn chair and furniture
reynolds tonight. he is in chatham. dean, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, erica. well, they've established shelters now on cape cod and for those others who've chosen to remain in their homes, they're being urged to stay there as this storm comes ashore late tonight. at the first drop of rain this morning merchants on cape cod's main streets began boarding up. in chatham, sally davis protected her gallery. >> i'd rather err on the side of caution than have the whole thing go. >> reporter: hotels lost some bookings. >> we have 26 rooms and i've had eight cancellations. >> reporter: but as earl was losing steam, downtown traffic was gaining cars, a sign that most people intended to weather this particular storm and carry on with their labor day weekend. you're just going to ride it snout >> hopefully it's back to the beech. >> reporter: but they still believe this is going to be a very long night here with high winds, torrential rain, and damaging storm surges. erica? >> hill: dean, thanks. overseas, a developing story in new zealand where a powerful magnitude seven earthquake
once the heavy rain bands moved in. in chatham the threat of earl wasn't enough to stop this couple from saying "i do." >> it will always be memorable, that's for sure. it's given us plenty of challenges, but nothing is stopping us. >> reporter: lasting memories of each other and their special day, shared with a hurricane. earl wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard, beginning with the north carolina outer banks overnight. the eye of the storm staying far offshore but close enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. on new york's long island, powerful waves and rip currents created dangerous conditions at area beaches. >> obviously the surf has come up a lot. there's definitely riptide out there and we're starting to see a lot of beach erosion. >> reporter: and now that earl has arrived in new england, the question, how much damage will he leave behind. michelle franzen, nbc news, chatham, massachusetts. >> for more on earl's impact on the beaches in our area, chuck bell is in the stormcenter with more. hi, chuck. >> hey there, doreen. yes, indeed, it's very
once the heavy rain bands moved in. in chatham, the threat was president enough to stop this couple from saying i-do. >> it is always memorable. it has given us many challenges, but nothing has stopped us. >> their special day shared with a hurricane. earl wreaked havoc all along the eastern seaboard beginning with the outer banks overnight. the eye of the storm stayed off short to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. on new york's long island powerful rain and rip currents created dangerous conditions at area beaches. >> several rip tide out there, and we are starting to see a lot of beach erosion. >> now that earl has arrived in new england, the question is, how much damage will he leave behind. michelle franzen, nbc news, chatham, massachusetts. >> john collins is tracking the storm. >> they sl have some good weather, this holiday weekend. and beautiful weather here, too. especially for all the folks at ocean city. they put up with a lot of squalorly weather yesterday. -- squally weather, too. the rest of the weekend is stunning. here's the satellite combination. y
. it's back to business as usual as at a candy store in chatham, massachusetts. >> i'm glad it's gone and i'm thrilled that the weather is as good as it is and hopefully people are still around. >> reporter: north carolina, tourists are returning to cape hatteras. there was some beach erosions on long island, but it was minor. in massachusetts, earl's punch was so gentle that officials didn't send out a damage assessment team because there was no major damage to assess. a new definition of a perfect storm. randall pinkston, cbs news, chatham, massachusetts. >>> it looks like it's about to salvage summer with a good weekend forecast. >> wouldn't that be nice? it's been a summer in the bay area, cooler than normal, but folks, some heat shortly. we did have patchy fog and some cool numbers by the coastline and the patchy fog returning to the beaches, but for the most part, right now, clear skies inland and i think that's a sign of things to come. it looks like high pressure is going to build in here ever so briefly. but enough to bring us a pretty nice weekend out of it and salvage thing
be cautious, to stay at home and to take this event seriously. >> nbc michelle franzen is in chatham, massachusetts, i know you have been there all day long, are you noticing that people are already obeying the warnings from the emergency management officials? >> well, certainly they're taking this storm in stride, they were taking it seriously when they thought that perhaps earl could make landfall here on cape cod, but all of that changed overnight as you know. earl weakening, nantucket, expected to take most of the brunt of that storm. take a look behind me, though, it's a little bit hazy, the weather conditions are certainly changing here in chatham as well as cape cod, you can see the protected bay there, a lot of people still venturing out, still waiting out this storm that is not expected to really start ramping up until after sun set tonight. that's when they'll have tropical storm force gusts here along the cape, nantucket will have hurricane force winds gusts in that area, but certainly a lot of people are used to dealing with nevers during the wint winter, they certainly h
is in chatham, massachusetts. how are the preparations there going? >> we're noticing some changes around here, but called around to a bunch of hotels where people are staying, it's a big holiday weekend and pretty much everyone is coming, that seems to be the consensus. saturday is the big turnover day for hotels here. if you're ending your vacation, at that point, maybe you want to leave tonight or very early tomorrow, no sense in being here on friday because the weather is really going to deteriorate. let me show you some things that are unique to chatham. if you look down the beach a little bit. you'll notice a big rockwall built up. that's something that was built after hurricane bob and the no name storm which became known as the perfect storm, that was back in 1991, but that was also the last time there was a direct impact from a hurricane in new england. another thing we have noticed during the day today, the boats a little less numerous, if you look out into the water, you're going to see a lot less shifts. there's still some boats in this particular harbor, but yesterday there were t
on that cruise in canada? >> he is. >> live in chatham, massachusetts with the latest for us. were you on the cruise with your dad, peter? >> i am not. my dad -- oh, i was on the cruise, yeah, ended up having to fly out to halifax because i was needed here but luckily, tropical storm earl was a lot weaker than originally feared when it ended up coming into massachusetts last night. it was still a very powerful storm until it left the area about two hours ago. take a look at this. >> it's almost midnight here in massachusetts. we're down by the water and hurricane earl has been downgraded to tropical storm earl. you can see the wind and water are still coming in very, very hard. it hurts when it hits you in the face. you look up and you can see that red flag waving behind me. that's how fast the wind is blowing right now and you can see there's a beam from the chatham white house still beaming out light for miles to miles. a lot of people came out to see what was going on. they left the flip-flops here and headed towards the water. they were relying on the beacon to lead them back to
windy. going up to 80 degrees here. take a look at the beach out here. this is chatham on cape cod. gorgeous, buear barely a ripplee water. all of the public beaches are reopening as long as they have lifeguards available and back on duty. but they did clock the highest tropical storm-force gusts here in chatham, 58 miles per hour last night. beautiful now, gorgeous now, but it was a mess last night. take a look. what happened to your car here? >> i was just driving down and it stalled out. >> reporter: did you not see the high water here? >> you can't see nothing. >> reporter: now what are you going to do? >> wait until the morning. it's trying to start, but it just won't. i usually drive a truck, you know what i mean? >> reporter: you can see it's halfway up the wheel base here and i see you have your companion over here. is that your dog? >> yeah, lilly. >> reporter: all right. well, good luck. not a great night to be out by any measure. look at the wake caused by that pickup truck going by. it's a mess out here. very few cars out on the road. they should not be out on the road.
franzen is live in chatham, massachusetts, where things have been gorgeous. and they continue clearly. good morning, michelle. >> this day is just getting better and better, not only with the clear skies, sunny weather and also for people who are waking up to a little damage this morning here on the cape as well as nantucket. in the end, earl's spin no worse than a classic nor'easter. earl proving even as a category 1 hurricane he had enough punch left to pound the coast of nantucket. the island received the brunt of the storm with earl carving its path east of nantucket, not far away on cape cod. heavy rain and whipping winds left their mark. but even the power of earl was no match for this bride and groom. >> celebrating the acknowledgment of love which they have for each other. >> reporter: they married at the chatham bar's inn, determined not to let a hurricane spoil their day. >> always be memorable. plenty of challenges, but nothing stopping us. >> or their happily ever after. >> i hope not. we had a while wind romance, but maybe a hurricane just throws some excitement to it. th
to bring nasty weather to coastal towns in massachusetts and even maine. bring in paul goodloe in chatham, massachusetts. how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing all right here in chatham on the cape. cape cod as well as martha's n vineyard and nantucket. the good news throughout the day is after it brought some strong winds and some heavy rain to north carolina, hurricane earl is now weakening down to a category 1. that's good news and hope it continues to weaken and the concern is just because it's weakening doesn't mean it's perhaps a summer shower coming on through here. by the least. we are still concerned with the strong winds because think of this hurricane as a 18 wheeler. at one point, this was 145-mile-per-hour hurricane. think of that 18 wheeler hauling down the highway. it is not putting on the brakes now. just letting the gas off and slowly coasting down so all the large hurricane effects are still slowly winding down. looks calm out here. been calm since we've been here for latter part of the week here in chatham harbor and a barrier island allowing the area to be calm.
franzen in chatham, massachusetts on cape cod. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. minimal damage reported and no medical emergencies. at this hour reported. it looks like the cape and nantucket really faired well through earl. in the end earl's spin no worse than a classic nor'easter. earl proving even as a category 1 hurricane, he had enough punch left to pound the coast of nantucket. the island received the brunt of the storm with earl carving its path east of nantucket. not far away on cape cod, heavy rain and whipping winds left their mark. but even the power of earl was no match for this bride and groom. margo and hugh married at the chatham bars inn, determined pot to let a hurricane spoil their special day. >> it will also be memorable. it's given us plenty of challenges, but nothing spping us. >> reporter: or their happily ever after. >> i hope not. we had a whirlwind romance, but maybe another hurricane just throws some, i don't know, some excitement to it. there is a strange excitement with a hurricane. >> reporter: hurricane earl barreled toward the u.s
no states had even asked for assistance. this sign in chatham said it all. so hurricane earl is gone, having left behind clear skies and few memories. anthony. >> dean reynolds in chadam, massachusetts. hope you goat have a great weekend there. a state of emergency has been declared on new zealand's south island after a major earthquake struck christchurch. more than 100 billions were badly damaged. at a book signing in ireland, tony blair received a rude reception from protesters who threw eggs and shoes at the former british prime minister. blair's new mem wrors a bestseller, but as elizabeth palmer reports, the reviewers are divided on the man himself. >> reporter: tony blair is a man both loved and loathed. as he arrived at a dublin bookstore, police had to fight to keep his protesters away from him, while nearby, devoted fans lined up for a signed copy of his book. >> tony blair has been a great man for this country. he's a great politician. >> well, don't go out, children, because the grinning ego maniac is back. >> reporter: this memoir is an insider's view of a decade in power. it of
is in chatham, massachusetts, to assess the damage there. dean good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it appears this could have been a lot worse with only a few minor power outages and some isolated flooding. it appears that earl turned out to be a very gentle hurricane. it brought rain and wind but in manageable portions because the colder water was encountered, as it steamed north, zap edped it of its strength. while colder air sent it swirling in a more easterly direction. seas churned with 15-foot waves off cape cod in some places and winds reached 75 miles per hour but mostly the breeze off the sea moved at a 30 to 40-mile-an-hour clip. earl drenched shoreline communities from north carolina to maine in the last 36 hours and most swimmers were kept occupant of the water due to danger dangerous rip tides, but for many the storm was weak enough to go outside and watch in person. >> really the first hurricane i've ever been in or like really even heard about. so it's really interesting. >> reporter: a beach goer in new jersey was less impressed. >> m
reynolds in chatham tonight. dean, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, erica. well, don't be fooled by the beautiful weather on the cape. they know what's out there, and they-- the word along the shoreline is leave, and preferably leave now. sailors were lining up to haul their boats ashore as hurricane warnings went up the flag poles along the coast. is this a potentially dangerous storm? >> absolutely. >> reporter: heavy rain and winds up to 75 miles an hour are expected in seashore areas, meaning that the two bridges on and off cape cod will be closed once the storm hits. hits. if they close those bridges, are people marooned here? >> they'll have to turn around and come back from wherethey came from. >> reporter: now officials are concerned people will wait until the last minute to leave and be stuck in a traffic jam so large they'll be sitting in it when the storm hits late friday or early saturday. erica. >> dean reynolds, thanks. let's turn now to our cbs news hurricane consultant, david bernard, chief meteorologist at cbs 4 miami. hurricane earl winds peaked at 145 miles per
activated in case people need to take cover. in chatham, massachusetts, michelle franzin, nbc news. >>> doctors told her last friday they did not think officer todd would make it off the operating table alive. nicole young spoke publicly for the first time today since her husband was shot twice while trying to serve a warrant in oakland. she said he called her in the minutes after he was shot but didn't let on how bad things are. doctors say he's still under heavy sedation and will likely require one more surgery but say his prognosis is good. >> i talked to him but he is sedated. but i talk to him every day, all day. >> when he's conscious what's the first thing you're going to say to him? >> that i love him and i want to bring him home to our kids. they miss him. >> the man accused of shooting officer young, andrew barrientos is back in the bear area and he'll be in court on next tuesday. barrientos was picked up in san diego trying to cross to mexico the day after the shooting. >> the coast guard rescued seven boaters after they were stranded overnight in the bay. the boat ran o
. paul goodloe is live in chatham, mass. what's the latest where you are? are people heading out? >> reporter: a few people are. you know monday is labor day. busy three-day weekend. the unofficial end of summer. a lot of people head out to the cape and nantucket. entire area under a hurricane worng, which means we can experience hurricane conditions as we head over the next 36 hours. the closest approach will be late friday morning and early saturday. people are trying to head out and try to take the ferry. expect those ferries to stop or even limit service as we head throughout the day on fri. if you were trying to get in here. it coup a long trip on friday. you have the option to delay it until saturday, that's the preferred thing. right now we're sitting next to chatham harbor. this is a calm looking harbor. but here's the thing. it was calmer yesterday. almost like glass it was so smooth. most boat owners have been busy taking their boats off the water because many residents lived through hurricane bob back in 1991. that took what boats were left in the harbor and dumped the
with eric fisher in chatham, massachusetts. hello, eric. >> hello there. good evening. we've seen some changes here over the last couple days. beautiful sunshine. about 24 hours ago. now it is cloudy. the surf starting to build up. this is a little deceiving because we're in a protected bay right now. the waves have started to get more choppy. i can their crashing out to sea a little further. we've had some reports of minor flooding beginning in nantucket. that will get worse as the night goes. on thing to know, we're expecting a big area of tropical storm force winds. and some gusts of hurricane strength, especially near nantucket. we're on the outer cape here and perhaps we'll see the strong gusts. if people are staying here, there are some regional shelters set up. you can look up red we do know there are people who are spending the night there. in the town center, we were talking to some of the folks who said they were out of batteries and flashlights at the hardware store. most of the tourists coming for labor day weekend, the tourist office said 50,000 people are still
to leave low-lying areas. randall pinkston is in chatham, where people who live on cape cod are getting ready. cape cod residents are making final preparations to ride out the storm as a weakened earl turns toward massachusetts. corey and his father spent the day boarding up his shop in chatham. >> living in new england the weather is unpredictable but i'm hoping it will pass with not much damage. >> they want residents on nantucket, martha's vineyard an the cape to take precautions. >> we encourage folks to hanker down an stay safe in your home, your hotel wherever you are staying. >> chris has no 0 a -- no qualms facing earl the brunt of earl is t expected to arrive after dark. they expect wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun up the coast. and thousands lost electricity, but no injuries are reported. forecasters dropped some warnings an watches for new jersey and new york's long island, but they will still feel tropical weather. this storm chaser traveled to cape cod to see earl up close. >> i was going to north carolina and i thoug
carolina to virginia. it could come closest to chatham and nantucket where tourists and residents are wondering how bad it's going to get. >> we're on our way to buy flashlights right this second. >> i'm not worried. we are going to stay. we have followed the instructions in the paper and made preparations to shelter in place. >> this is surf right now in along the coastline. maryland is a long along the western side of the storm's path. i understand life guards are up and down the beaches of the coast coast now telling people they should avoid being in the water or staying in front of the life guard situation and not out far. that's the reason why. we always see it when a hurricane is coming on shore. you see somebody out further in the water. the surfers love to take advantage of the big waves. let's go to stephanie abrams from the weather channel. she's down in north carolina now. the surf there is incredible as well. it looks like it's getting darker. >> reporter: yeah. the surf is kicking up a lot here. we have a kite boarder. he's been going all morning long. he's the only p
's michelle franzen is in chatham, massachusetts, tonight, with an update on earl. >> reporter: here in chatham, massachusetts and all of cape cod, earl is just starting to move in for the night. the outer bands of heavy rain and winds, effects being felt at this hour. certainly will be throughout the night. the brunt of the storm will be felt most. the island of nantucket, that storm to the east of nantucket. will have hurricane-force wind gusts all throughout the tonight. more a tropical storm effect could be a warm nor'easter many are calling it. certainly nonetheless a serious storm that could cause a lot of damage, downed trees and possible power outages. many of the people who live here year round, as well as vacationers leading up to this labor day weekend opted to stay on cape cod. many of them on the island of martha's vineyard and nantucket. they will be hunkering down for the night riding out this storm. there are shelters activated in place ready in case others need to take cover. back to you. >>> and we are going to get a better look soon at the key piece of drilling equ
island. we are in chatham, massachusetts as they brace for earl. category 2. that's a big storm and a big hurricane that can do a lot of damage. martha: the spot where we have been watching all those great whites this summer. don't put yourself in danger. if you have pictures of the storm, however, log on to our web site. you can upload the videos. click on "you report" and we'll put some of those on the air. it helps us stay safe. this fox news alert. some more storms are brewing in the employment numbers today. here we go. just moment ago our latest snapshot of how things look. unemployment is up. it nched up 1/10 -- it inched up 1/10%. 9.6% unemployment in this country. >> reporter: it's bad news but not as bad as predict. here is the negative news. as you point out, the unemployment rate went up to 9.6% and there was a net 54,000 loss of jobs in the economy. there are a couple positives. we created 67,000 private sector jobs in the month of august. there is, however, a long-term economic and political negative buried in these numbers. 550,000 people came back into the workforce. they
by a bug. chatham is protected by a sand bar. the water is very, very choppy. we haven't seen them get out in this. we have seen seals surfing up here with all of the people are. excouse me . this is the fishing pier. normal low most people have boats out here. since everybody took it out except for one guy. unofficial end of summer going out with a bang here in chatham. it is the morning after, just a perfect cape cod day right now. from what we can tell no extensive damage. many of the locates came here to light house beach to see the rough waves for themselves. they were not letting earl tropical storm to get in the way. guys? >> people finding good beach days afterwards. dave and i were remarking about the hair. new sea water is the best for the hair. >> rocking that. it makes it lighter in the sun and wind blown look. >> that's the key. water. hurricane blown sea water. >> we appreciate it, man. getting hurricane duty was tough, but that looks all right. >> he didn't have to be strapped to something on a pier. >> coming up on the show. president bill clinton making excuses for democra
storm did not cause damage in chatham, or cape cod but it was powerful when it hit last night. look at the scene at light house beach 12 hours ago. >> the wind and water is still coming in. you look up and see the flag behind me that's how fast the wind is blowing. you see there is the famous chatham light house for miles and miles but a lot of people are out here to see what is going on. they left the flip-flops here and headed out 150 yards toward the water. they rely on that beacon to lead them back to the shore but not a good idea. though the waves are not big but the current is very, very strong should someone be unfortunate enough to end up in the water. >> yesterday, they warned they had to shut dun if bridges to and from cape cod if the winds reached 70 miles per hour. most local residents chose to ride out the storm in their homes and i bet they're glad. look at what a nice day it is today. >> peter, thank you so much. >> three terminals at the los angeles international airport have been reopened after a security scare. the term names shut down after airport worker left are
. but the good news here along the massachusetts coast and in places like chatham and nantucket, everyone this morning is getting out of bed, peeking out the windows and finding out that really this storm did not leave as much damage as had been feared, alex. >> i think the question is how many people will take to their boats behind you and go sailing today. >> reporter: absolutely. >> a lot, you think? if it picks up, the wind, to get them to sail. >>> let's get the latest on earl's track. bill, good morning. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. and earl just brushed nantucket last night, passing safely about 100 miles off the coast. and that meant winds just around 40 to 50 miles per hour. very minor damage, if any, from new england overnight last night. the storm is about to make its landfall. it's now coming onshore here in nova scotia, strong winds and a little bit of storm surge because of the angle of the coastline. in maine, we only have winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. it's going to get wet for the next four or five hours, and then the storm will be completely gone. let m
downgraded to a category 1 storm. nbc's michelle franzen joins us now live from chatham, massachusetts. what is the scene like there? >> certainly, the preparation the last two days, preparing for the worst what could have been a direct hit, shaping up to be a direct hit from hurricane earl here on cape cod that is not shaping up to be the case at this hour. however, still a significant storm, as bill just mentioned a got category 1 significant winds and nantucketed expected to still take the brunt of hurricane earl. right now though, very calm, in the bay, a protected area of chatham here. there are still some people out on the beach here, taking stock of this calm weather before the storm rolls n we have had had a shower just a short time ago of the outer bands of this storm but certainly a lot of people were preparing, boarding up their houses, moving boats to safer areas and also just stocking up. >> just got some water and mostly dry goods just in case refridge rater is down. >>> it is chaos, utter, utter kay, i don't we were just in there standing in line for literally 20 minutes. peop
. boat owners in chatham harbor scramble to move vessels out of harm's way. all of cape cod along with nantucket and martha's vineyard now bracing for hurricane earl. locals like fred bennett are taking notice. >> you have to pay attention. i didn't get to be 74 without paying attention. >> reporter: it was calm today on the vacation island of nantucket, but earl is expected to pack winds between 75 and 100 miles per hour, a threat to trees and power lines. in hyannit, emergency crews loaded trucks trying to get ahead of the storm before it hits, but the threat of earl did not stop visitors from traveling to the island while they still could. >> i was here for hurricane bob. i think that was the last time they expected this big of a hurricane. i think my timing is appropriate. >> reporter: meanwhile, residents like howard franzblau are not taking any chances. he moved to the cape from florida five years ago. unlike many who plan to ride out the storm, franzblau is leaving. >> when you have been through a number of them, as i have, you learn to be very skeptical and you probably ov
's still a long night ahead. for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in chatham, massachusetts. >> stay safe, linsey. we'll track the storm throughout the night on and much more in the morning on "good morning america." >>> when we come back, southern grub. we dig into one of the richest food traditions on earth. and that means more than just mind-bloefing barbecue. welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk o
is in chatham, massachusetts. how are things shaping up there? >> we are under a hurricane watch. we could feel hurricane conditions in 48 hours and could be updated in a hurricane warning. as we head throughout the day on thursday. take a look at chatham harbor here. it looks pretty calm, right? in fact, it is. but, yesterday, it was even more calm than it is right now. we're actually feeling a breeze which is refreshing. yesterday, temperatures close to 90 degrees with no breeze at all. now you can see some of the flags in the distance with a lip right now but they have been blowing from time to time. winds on and off about 4 or 5 miles per hour and gusting ma e maymaybe but all of those conditions will continue to increase as the winds increases and the wind throughout the day. and definitely as we head into friday as well. now we're kind of protected here in the harbor. there is part of a sand bar out here and cape cod and national seashore off in the difference. we are not expecting huge waves here but off in the distance we have noticed more white caps breaking with the waves here as we'
dean reynolds is in chatham, massachusetts, on cape cod with the very latest. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. well, it's the direction of earl uppermost on everyone's mind here because just a small shift in the course could save the people up here a lot of trouble and money. from long island to cape cod, those on the eastern seaboard awaited word on earl's direction. if it turns west, it could run smack into long island and cape cod. if it heads east and out to sea, $1 billion in damages might not occur. the red cross was storing up supplies and power company trucks were positioned on long island. while on cape cod, they were hauling boats from the sea. >> i think it's going to be over 75 to maybe even 100 miles an hour in chatham, so it's not worth the risk. >> reporter: there may be a state of emergency in massachusetts, but there's no sense of urgency yet. tourists strolled the shower and peered into the distance for an early glimpse of the storm to come. what are you doing to be prepared? >> water, candles, food, ice. >> reporter: and while those along t
. not really. there is a quaint, beautiful town about 10 miles down the road called chatham. we spent time there today. a lot of tourists here wandering through the shops and cafes. there is a hardware store in the town. folks with stocking up on supplies. they've nearly run out of battery as and lanterns and those sorts of things. there's not a great concern here. it's been a long time since they've seen a big hurricane here but they saw earl weakening all day so that is providing relief. >> we have people boarding up shops with signs saying earl go home. people seem to be enjoying themselves right now. are they giving advice to the tourists who may come into town for the holiday weekend or who are already in town? >> reporter: some people say a number of tours did leave. there are some hotels here, some places say they had a lot ever cancellations. a lot of people are sticking around. stock up on supplies, be careful, stay in your house, but the shop owners, even the ones that put up the boards saying look, our hope is at 9:00 tomorrow morning we can come in and take the boards down and
a hurricane in more than two decades. in chatham, massachusetts, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz 13 for the latest on hurricane earl. get forecast updates and to sigh live doppler radar, go to >>> in other news tonight, a botched abortion leaves a teenager in critical condition. it happened in elkton, cecil county. suzanne collins reports, the state has suspended the licenses of two doctors in -- and ordered another to stop practicing in maryland. >> a cease-and desist order on the door. the trouble began when dr. micola riley performed a failed abortion on august 18th, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel. the state has just suspended the doctor's license. and also the license of an 88- year-old doctor dispensing medicine at the clinic. >> the report that came to us was so egregious. and the information allegedly laid in the complaint was so serious that the state had to respond quickly. >> the semi conscious team arrived. one was dr. riley. the other, dr. steven brigham. who owns this clinic and a number of other states. >> investigators here
is used to nor'easters, new england hasn't seen a hurricane in more than two decades. in chatham, massachusetts, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with us for the latest on hurricane earl. to track the storm, get full updates and to see live doppler radar any time, go to >>> a botched abortion leaves a teenager in critical condition in cecil county. now, suzanne collins reports, the state has suspended the licenses of two doctors and ordered another to stop practicing in the state. >> reporter: the elkton clinic is closed today. a cease-and-desist order on the door. the trouble began when dr. nicola riley performed a failed abortion on a teenager here on august 14th, perforating her uterus and cutting her bowel. the state has just suspended her license to practice medicine in maryland. also, the license of a 88-year- old doctor dispensing medicine. >> the information that came to us was so egregious and the allegation so serious that the state had to respond quickly. >> reporter: union hospital called police when the semi conscious teen arrived at emergency,
candidates that are listed on the fake ballot. one of them being his opponent albert chatham, kriselda valderrama and jeremy mathis. he says it is because he saw the supporters handing out these ballots during early voting in oxon hill. take a look at what he had to say. >> i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent. you can't carry these. but having potential lawmakers say to me being i don't care if we're breaking law, we're going to carry them for three days and that was the response until the police actually went out and to make these candidates put down the ballots. >> reporter: now, so far, we've heard in response from the three candidates that he is accusing. in talking with glen ivey, he was aing that a criminal investigation is something that would take longer than the election itself and he really said the only option here is to punish those people that are accused or if they are even guilty of it is to punish them at the ballot box. back to you. >> thank you. >>> turn outfor early voting in the district remai
. >> lindsay davis, abc news, chatham, massachusetts. >> a reason to be grateful this labor day weekend back there. wasn't so much. >> yeah, absolutely. right now -- yesterday about 100 miles east of nantucket. they got 40 mph winds, an inch half rain, more like a nor'easter. not bad. our weather really is going to be beautiful today. we have fog this morning. looking outside with this morning's temperatures in the 50s. we're gonna look for a warming trend for the end of the holiday weekend. i'll tell you how warm it's gonna get next. >> also next, barry zito continues his late season struggles as the giants miss out on another opportunity. larry beil with the highlights. a >>> welcome back, everybody. how about a look at lake tahoe on this saturday morning. it looks fantastic. it's going to be a great day up there today. do you know what they're talking about for next week up there? >> no. >> snow. snow! didn't have much of a summer. autumn now, winter? >> behind this little warm-up that's coming for labor day, big cooldown. big, big cooldown. >> that would be really big if we got snow. >>
in chatham, massachusetts, on cape cod. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. i know the sky looks kind of ominous behind me. the water has calmed down considerably. and the really good news, there's nothing but blue sky. we are starting to see sunshine come in this direction. many people are waking up here this morning saying, what storm? and i changed my labor day weekend plans for what, exactly? cape cod has weathered nor'easters much tougher than earl. the winds and waves swelled for several hours friday night, pounding the new england coast with what was billed as the roughest summer storm in nearly 20 years. just before midnight, it was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. but from where we stood, it was hard to tell. it's just a little bit after 11:30 at night. and what a difference here. the rain, the wind, the surf, all really picking up. and that's with earl still about 90 miles southeast of here. we're expecting it to arrive in about two hours and really get the brunt of it then. it will be carrying with it up to 70-mile-per-hour winds. the big
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